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Deposit taken 

* Car being sold by TorqueGT, please direct enquiries to Jamie on 01364 651 898 or

Facelift Night Hawk Black DC5 Type R C-pack with significant upgrades and frequent servicing. Recent comprehensive suspension & steering overhaul, plated diff, 5.34 final drive, full exhaust and intake dyno mapped to 244.4 bhp and 171.4 lb ft. Full roll cage with lightweight comfortable bucket seats, harnesses, alcantara steering wheel, upgraded pedals and fantastic shifter mechanism!

Massive recent suspension and steering overall with spherical (aka rose jointed aka pillowball) links everywhere, much improving handling and feedback.  Combined with the plated diff and higher final drive, this car handles and accelerates very well. Great fun and very capable!

Facelift C-Pack (folding mirrors, white dials, rear wiper, tinted rear windows, redesigned lights, bumpers and strut brace) 

Grade 4B imported by reputable BHP Imports in 2016, first owner took it to N Ireland and fitted the excellent K-Tuned shifter with uprated shifter bushes and suspension bushes plus regular servicing. 

Since I bought in April 2018, the car had extensive servicing and upgrades at TGM Sport incl Clockwise baffled sump, Fujitsubo RM01A catback, Tegiwa exhaust manifold, Spoon subframe collars, Energy engine and gearbox mount inserts, Tegiwa brake stopper, aux belt, oem coolant, Tegiwa air intake with carbon skuttle scoop, new oem Rocker Cover and gasket, NGK Iridium spark plugs, frequent premium engine oil and filter changes, gearbox oil, brake fluid, Honda Clutch, fully undersealed incl arch liner and bumper removal, valve clearances, Corbeau Sprint XL drivers seat, Schroth 4 point harness, HKS boss and OMP dished alcantara 330mm steering wheel (£6k+)

I chose the Fuji catback as it's light, gives reliable performance gains and is track friendly, recording 87dB at Cadwell at just under 6k rpm. It also sounds great!

Very regularly serviced with premium oils and fluids.  Initially I used Fuchs Pro-S 5/40. Since the car became track focussed, I've used Petronas Racing 10w60 as used by TGM in their endurance race cars.  Recently serviced and MOT'd with no advisories.  Always run on Shell V Power.

TDI North fitted the ECU, Hondata K100, and Dyno-mapped to 244.4bhp and 171.4lb ft. There's more power and torque throughout the rev range and an optimally lower vtec engagement point (£750) 

£1.5k spent at AREA Motorsport in May last year on Yellowspeed coilovers, shortened steering arms, RPB brake discs and PBS brake pads all round.  AREA fitted roll centre adjusters (uprated ball joints for lowered cars) and changed the brake fluid at the end of last year.  

£1k SW Motorsport roll cage installed end March 2019 by SW Motorsport.  Partially stripped interior, retaining carpet, dash and doorcards, a/c and 12V socket. 

£2k suspension upgrades in May 2019 at SW Motorsport.  This included higher rate springs, spherical track rod ends, 28mm rear arb, spherical rear camber arms, spherical rear lower control arms, powdercoated rear trailing arms incl spherical links, spherical droplinks front and rear, steering rack slider and steering rack riser.

Full geometry and corner weighting at Grinspeed under direction from SW's Shaun, following the major overhaul as SW's scales were out of action & Grinspeed, another reputable Honda Specialist, is very close to SW Motorsport. Shaun runs the Civic Cup and prepares class leading cars.  

£2.5k recently spent upgrading the gearbox and LSD at VTEC Direct.  MFactory plated diff, diff bearings and a 5.34 final drive that has made a huge difference, powering through corners and accelerating more quickly now. The gearbox is in great condition, new driveshaft seals and a new input shaft bearing were fitted whilst the box was open as a preventative measure. Gearbox oil flushed after bedding in the diff and filled with premium Torco RTF plus friction modifier.  I regularly lubricate the K-Tuned shifter, the gear shift is smooth, slick and satisfying! 

High Carbon RPB discs and Project Mu Club Racer front pads fitted Sept 19 along with full brake fluid change with RBF 660.  RPB rear discs and PBS pads still with plenty of life left, no lipping at all, pads have plenty of thickness remaining. Also had a new oem lambda sensor and Mugen pedals fitted (£1k) 

Brand new Michelin Cup 2 tyres fitted on Ultralite wheels (£500)

A very capable, enjoyable and reliable car that keeps up with more powerful machinery and is easily driven to and from the track.  More pictures on the TorqurGT advert.


MFactory 1.0 Way Plated Limited Slip Differential 
MFactory 5.34 Final Drive
NTN Diff Bearings 
Honda Input Shaft Bearing 
Torco RTF with friction modifier 
K-Tuned Billet Shifter  

Hondata K100 244bhp, 171lb ft 
Tegiwa Exhaust Manifold 
Tegiwa Cold Air Intake
Fujitsubo RM01A Catback 

Yellowspeed Racing Track Coilovers with uprated springs 
SW Motorsport Spherical Front & Rear Droplinks 
SW Motorsport Spherical Track Rod Ends
AREA Motorsport Shortened Steering Arms 
Tegiwa Steering Rack Riser 
Hardrace Roll Centre Adjusters 
Energy Polybushed Front Lower Control Arms 
SW Motorsport Spherical Rear Trailing Arms 
Tegiwa (Progress rep) 28mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar 
M2 Spherical Lower Control Arms 
Hardrace Spherical Rear Camber Arms 

High Carbon RPB Grooved Brake Discs Front & Rear
Braided Hoses Front & Rear with Motul RBF 660  
Project Mu Club Racer Front Pads 
PBS Rear Pads 
Tegiwa master cylinder brake stopper

Ultralite Wheels wearing brand new Michelin Cup 2s 225/45/17  

SW Motorsport 6 Point Powdercoated Roll Cage  
Partially striped interior, retaining carpet, dash, doorcards, glovebox, 12v socket and air conditoning  
Corbeau Sprint XL Seat driver
Schroth 4 point harness driver Corbeau Clubsport XL Seat & OMP 4 point harness passenger
Genuine Mugen Pedals 
OMP Dished Alcantara Steering Wheel 
HKS Boss

Stormforce all weather cover

* Car being sold by Torque GT , please direct enquiries to Jamie on 01364 651 898 or