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£ 90,000

Ginetta G16 (Sold) - SOLD


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With current FIA Appendix K HTP this car is eligible for a wide variety of series and races. It is currently running in HSCC Guards Trophy spec.


Chassis 008 is the last of the series built by Ivor Walklett and fitted with a Craig Beck BMW E10 4 cylinder engine and a Hewland FT200 5 speed gearbox, both fairly fresh.  I have spent the last two years and a lot of money (invoices available for inspection) to bring it up to proper race car spec, principally with professional race preparers Nine-W. The development has been overseen by well-known and respected historic racer Mark Hales.  In his view this is now a proper race car which only requires final set up to suit the new owner. He is willing to answer any questions a potential purchaser might have.


A G16 has won the HSCCs Guards Trophy against considerable Chevron B8 opposition and this car has been developed with the same intention in mind. Work done includes:


·      Total replacement of all major suspension components

·      Strip down of the gearbox with replacement gears and dog rings

·      Re-manufacture of the gearbox linkage using helicopter joints

·      Rolling road test for torque curve and bhp

·      New engine mounts

·      Re-design of fuel tank mountings

·      All hoses replaced with Aeroquip

·      New air filters to gain an extra 8bhp

·      Re-wired

·      Quick release steering wheel

·      Thicker rear anti-roll bar

·      Shocks and springs tested and rated

·      Bodywork adjustments to prevent front end lift (without compromising FIA requirements)

·      Oil cooler shifted to improve cold airflow

·      Professional set-up for corner weights, suspension settings

·      Re-designed cockpit layout for driver ease

·      Test development programme to identify improved set-up opportunities


It is for sale at below total purchase and development cost because Covid-19 has given me a cashflow problem.  At this price it is less than half of a well sorted B8 and is a bargain.  It is also much prettier!