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MARC CARS II V8 MUSTANG with lots of spare parts - SOLD

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This Marc Cars II V8 (2018) has a fully carbon Mustang body. It's GT2 approved, has a space frame chassis and a V8 Coyote 5.2 lt engine. 


    Albins 6-speed transaxle gearbox
    Paddle-shift operated
    MoTeC ECU / Dash lagger
    Ohlins 4way adjustable dampers
    Premier FT3 120 lt fuel cell (expiration date 12/2022)
    Recaro seat P1300 GT (expiration date 2024)
    SCHROTH safety belts (expiration date 2023)
    Lifeline fire extinguisher double system



LIST of SPARE PARTS (included in the price):


    New steering rack
    New shock absorber
    Complete suspension arm kit F+R (with bones and steering arms)
    Includes all uniballs and distancing plates
    1 x Link front and 1 x Link rear
    Spare uprights front and rear
    4 x Spare tulips
    5 x Spare wheel nuts
    4 x New wheel bearings
    4 x Front disc centres
    6 x Rear brake disc centres
    New Brembo brake pads
    Spare stock: Endless, Brembo, Pagid
    Rims: 10 x extra front, 9 x extra rear


    Spare fuel pumps
    New centre console with MoTeC button pad, fuses, wiring loom, plug and play
    New ABS sensors
    Spare engine sensors
    Throttle paddle
    Additional start battery installed
    2 x New paddle shift compressors
    Installed: V-Box, USB logging stick, drink system, transponder driver ID, coolsuit pack, rear view camera


    New bonnet
    New rear bumper
    Complete new front: splitter, frame, front bumper, water cooler, oil cooler, brake coolers, plug and play
    6 x Inner wheel arches
    2 x FL fenders, 2 x FR fenders 
    New diffuser
    New right side skirt
    New complete allu mount frame rear
    Fuel fill system: double R side installed, second single L+R system as spare


    Newly built engine (0 hours): complete plug and play with wiring loom
    Spare gearbox (needs revision): complete plug and play. Including: wiring loom, alternator, starter, clutch
    New gearbox revision kit
    Big package of used spare parts for gearbox/differential 
    New main drive shaft
    1 x Spare drive shaft
    Rear drive shafts: 2 x spare complete, 2 x new shafts, 16 x new homokinetic joints, 10 x new Bhoot kits
    Spare starter
    New starter
    New dry sump pump
    New dry sump pump belts, polys
    Spare actuator (shift)
    6 x New spark plug kits (Brisk)
    11 x New lambda sensors
    Spare exhaust muffler 
    2 x Spare exhaust clamps   
    5 x New oil filters
    New air filter
    New carbon clutch with 2 shim plates
    New centre metallic clutch, with new hydraulic actuator
    New Tilton master brake cylinders 
    New Tilton brake cylinder revision kit
    Spare cam covers
    Spare inlet manifold 


    2 x Spare front shock absorber
    2 x Spare rear shock absorber
    4 x Rims 
    Dry sump reservoir
    2 x Rear brake callipers


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