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£ 15,000

Tigra Silhouette - SOLD

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SILHOUETTE TIGRA RACE CAR. £15,000    ( + 4 Wheel Trailer Negotiable )

Contact me on with ANY questions....

Back Axle Build see here:

Chassis see here:

body early development:

pictures from Combe 2015:



Width                                    6’ 0”

Length                                  13’ 6”

Wheel Base                        7’ 11”

Height                                   3’ 8”

Space frame chassis./ Full cage to MSA Spec

Castle Combe Championship winner 2015.

Fastest Lap Castle Combe 1:05:20

Only Raced at Combe.


2.3 Ecoboost 400 bhp / 400 lbs.ft

Using SCS Delta ECU / Programmed at InterPro Rolling Road.

Mountune V3 Camshaft kit fitted.

Steel PEC rods and Forged pistons fitted

Mountune Liners to block top plate fitted.

Dry sumped. Titan / twin scavenge

Remote Screw on Oil Filter Mann W712/43


Fuel..Main tank 50 litres / swilrl pot with lifter pump 1,5 litres / circulating . Return system . injection pump . regulator at 90 PSI .with cooler. Feeding Cam Driven Ford high pressure pump.

Fuel take off Dry coupling / plus hose connection.


Quaife sequecntial 6 speed. QBE60G / Electric Pump cooled

Clutch . Twin plate AP Racing

Burton Centre mount release bearing

Geartronics flat shift / blip system / gear indicator


Atlas Rear Axle. Fully Floating Group IV 3J Shafts / Watts Linkage / fully rose jointed

Electric pumped cooled

Avo double adjustable shocks

Fiesta mk 3 Vented Discs…

Wilwood 4 piston calipers…120-6806

Pads….Wilwood 150-14771K

Quaife Geared Diff / Burton Crown wheel & Pinion

Rear rims 13” X 11.5” with Avon SLICK tyres 275/570

Rear rims 13” X 10.5” with Avon WET tyres 250/570


Front Suspension. Double wish bone / fully rose jointed

Stub Axle.. Spedeworth RS 2000

Group 4 Hubs / Larger Outer Bearing

Ap Vented Discs…CP4448-81/82 G4

Wilwood 4 piston calipers…120-6804

Pads…. Wilwood 150-14771K

Avo double adjustable shocks

Front rims 13” X 10.5” with Avon SLICK tyres 230/550

Front rims 13” X 9.5” with Avon WET tyres 210/550


Tilton Pedal Box / Balance Bar / cockpit adjustable

Separate balance Control for rear Brakes / cockpit adjustable

Tilton Master Cylinders / SRF Filled

Steering Rack. Ford quick rack

Aim Dash / Data Logger / MXL2


All body moulds / wing moulds supplied

QuIck lift Jack

Rear Trolley jack



Water pump

Serprntine belt

Dry Sump Pump Belt

4 x Coil Packs

4 x spark plugs

4 x Injectors

1  x injector rail

1 x Mechanical High Pressure Pump

Cam Shaft Chain.

Front Cover

Original Sump and Oil Pump / balancer bits ect…

Various turbo manifolds..

Partial Wire Harness

2 X Sets Front Wheel Bearing

1 x Set Used Pads

2 x Gear Position Pots


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