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Race & Rally Parts

Hewland IGT-250 Selector Forks

Excellent condition used selector forks as found in Hewland NLT, LSGA, IGTC, SL and other gearboxes



Race & Rally Parts

Xtrac 672 Ratios

Over 130 ratio pairs in Stock to suit P1159, P626 and other Xrac GT & LMP transmissions



Race & Rally Parts

Hewland EGT Maincase

Excellent condition team spare with no cracks or welding



Race & Rally Parts

Hewland HP Gears

Hundreds of new Hewland HP gears for sale to fit HP2000 and PCT gearboxes (among others)



Race & Rally Parts

Lola T96/50 and T99/50 Parts

Almost all parts available for the Lola T96/50 and T99/50 F3000 cars. Brand new inventory from Lola.



Race & Rally Parts

Hewland DGN Gear Sets

Large range of brand new and used DGN ratios in stock



Race & Rally Parts

Courage LC70 & LC75 Casings - New

Large stock of new parts for Hewland TLSE and other TLS gearboxes. 75000+ Hewland parts in stock



Race & Rally Parts

Zytek Electronic Gearshift Actuator

Brand new ex Lola stock Zytek EGS as used in A1GP and numerous LMP programmes (HPD, Dome, Courage..)



Race & Rally Parts

Hewland EGT Diff Assemblies

Externally adjustable, 4-planet spider type - the highest spec option for EGT and EGTW (£6300+ new)



Race & Rally Parts

AP Carbon Clutches - LMP1 spec

115mm carbon clutches from the Rebellion LMP1 programmes. New and excellent used (CP8153)



Race & Rally Parts

Hewland FTRL Gear Ratios (New)

Hundreds of brand new Hewland FTRL ratios available (lightweight, direct replacement for FTR ratios)



Race & Rally Parts

Hewland 104 Gearsets (New)

Huge range of brand new Hewland 104 gear ratios as used in Hewland NMT, SGT, TMT, EGT etc.



Race & Rally Parts

Hewland EGTW Gearbox For Sale

Hewland EGTW WTCC gearbox. 610nm torque capacity. Excellent condition, fully inspected.